Microsoft sine norske datasentre: Azure - kostnader, arkitektur og design (6/6)

Microsoft åpner to norsk datasentre

Marius Sandbu fra EVRY oppsummerer alt du trenger å vite om Microsoft sine nye datasentre i Norge. (Del 6 av 6)

Skrevet av Marius Sandbu, Principal Tech Lead for Cloud i EVRY

If you have a big project dependant on using Microsoft Azure, one of the things that you should consideris the capacity you need, because regardless if this is a cloud platform, there is a large set of other customers that want access to resources as well. Therefore, Microsoft needs to plan accordingly. For instance, there is a soft limit for vCPU in Microsoft Azure (20 total cores per subscription and 350 vCPU for Enterprise Agreement), but this is a bit different for Norway. 

Resource Manager

You will need to apply to get access to a quota within each region. 

If you want to raise this limit, you need to create a support ticket and depending on the amount of vCPU or cores you need, Microsoft might have to actually get more hardware to meet that capacity (they don't have endless capacity). In another project I was involved with previously, I had to wait 2 months before capacity was available in that region. So, apply early to ensure that you have the capacity you need!

Architecture and design
When it comes to design of services in Azure, Microsoft has a good starting point which is based upon a design model they call Virtual DataCenter. Read more about it here: In addition, you might use the Cloud Adoption Framework (, which also goes into the different principals into adopting cloud. I also recommend using another subscription and region for testing new services in Azure. Microsoft is constantly developing new services and functionality, which they are releasing into Microsoft Azure as Private/Public preview. For the most part, the new services are published in the main regions, such as Northern/Western Europe (as part of EMEA, at least), and other regions, services will be added on a later stage. So having a seperate subscription and another region is a good way to start to learn the new services in the early stages, before they are rolled out to the Norwegian datacenter. 

I am currently working on more content on the architecture and governance. Stay tuned for a migration whitepaper coming soon, which emphasize lift-and-shift and modernizing applications. 


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Marius Sandbu er Principal Tech Lead for Cloud i EVRY. Han har tidligere jobbet i Commaxx, som teknisk ansvarlig for Microsoft. Marius har forfattet flere bøker og er en ettertraktet speaker på en rekke leverandører.

Marius driver en egen blogg, og skriver ukentlige innlegg med tema teknologi og cloud. Vi har vært så heldige å få dele noen av innleggene hans, så i fremtiden vil det komme en rekke tekniske artikler fra Marius i nyhetsarkivet vårt.