About Commaxx

Commaxx is a value-added distributor that offers technically leading products and services that enable increased competitiveness and profitability for you.

Commaxx has a unique expertise on solutions for access, virtualization and infrastructure management, and is a distributor for Citrix, Microsoft, Dell EMC and Veeam, among others.

The Commaxx Group was established in Norway in 1992 as a competence company with distribution of infrastructure of centralized IT systems. The company expanded its operations to Sweden and Denmark in 2010.

At the start of 1992, Commaxx was a highly technical company. We still have the same technical focus, but at the same time, we have followed the development of the IT department and its role. Our focus lies on business processes and documented utility value of solutions.

Contact us

Commaxx AS
Fredrik Selmers vei 6
0663 Oslo

Telephone: +47 22 79 03 70

General inquiries and sales: salg@commaxx.no
Finance: invoice@commaxx.no
Orders: bestilling@commaxx.no
Marketing: marked@commaxx.no

Organizational no./VAT no.: 964 030 634