Vertical coverage

Take a deep dive into how Dropbox Business simplifies your work across many verticals, as a central place to access and share files. Learn why Dropbox is the collaboration tool of choice for top companies in any sector. 

Media - Dropbox Business is a central workspace that helps creative professionals shape their ideas and deliver their best work. 
Vertical One Pagers - Media 

Retail - Dropbox Business is an organised workspace that helps retail and CPG companies improve their operational efficiency and drive more sales. 
Vertical One Pagers - Retail

Technology - Dropbox Business is a connected workspace that helps technology companies move from ideation to delivery faster, smarter and more securely.
Vertical One Pagers - Technology

Construction - Dropbox Business is a central workspace that enables project managers and general contractors to coordinate their teams and job sites to reduce overhead.
Vertical One Pagers - Construction 

Education - Dropbox Business is a collaborative workspace that helps educational departments work both internally and externally while keeping their content safe.
Vertical One Pagers - Education