Zero Trust Network Access: securing the remote workforce

Zero Trust Network Access: securing the remote workforce

Don’t miss this webinar about secure remote network access and how it can help your customers protect their businesses.

Hear how Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) sets the new standard for continuously verifying that only the right person, with the right device and the right permissions, can access specific company resources.

Get in-depth analysis from in-house ZTNA expert Sinan Eren and Barracuda’s Mike Goldgof about:

  • Why the ZTNA market emerged and how it has evolved
  • How ZTNA helps secure remote workforces and mitigate risks
  • How ZTNA can be used to safely scale remote access capacity while maintaining productivity
  • Plus, you’ll see first-hand how Barracuda is expanding the capabilities of its CloudGen family of secure connectivity solutions with ZTNA to give distributed businesses a new way to modernize remote access, enforce global security and access policies, and achieve seamless connectivity without compromising productivity.


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