Prevention-first strategy: How Managed XDR fits into the picture


The need for Managed Extended Detection and Response (Managed XDR) may not be obvious to organisations already using an endpoint protection platform (EPP) or endpoint detection and response (EDR). To better understand the unique benefits of managed XDR, it helps to look at how the threats of the past shaped the technologies of today.

Please join security experts, Tamarian Del Conte; Senior Product Marketing Manager & Patrick Slattery; Director BlackBerry CylanceGUARD for a conversation around:

  • What is managed extended detectionand response?
  • Why organisations benefit from a managed XDR service
  • Challenges CISOs face today & where CylanceGUARD can help.

*Our new Managed XDR Buyer’s Guide will be available for all attendees to download on the day of the podcast.

BlackBerry's new Managed XDR Buyer's Guide is a guidebook to find out more about managed security services. It outlines today's cybersecurity challenges while providing an in-depth assessment of the cost-effective benefits of selecting the right cybersecurity service provider and leveraging them as an extension of an organization's security team.

Speakers: Patrick Slattery (Director, BlackBerry CylanceGUARD, BlackBerry) and Tamarian Del Conte (Senior Product Marketing Manager, BlackBerry).