Nordics Healthcare

Nordics healthcare event in October 2023
Telia Headquarter, Stockholm

Join leading Nordics healthcare software providers to learn how you can reduce your IT costs whilst delivering exceptional healthcare services.

By attending this event, you can stay at the forefront of standardized solutions in healthcare, leverage the knowledge and experiences of others, and gain valuable insights that can positively impact your organization.


  • Explore standardization in healthcare: The healthcare industry is renowned for its high level of standardization, particularly regarding technologies like Citrix, IGEL, Pointsharp, Imprivata, and similar platforms. This event provides an opportunity to delve into the world of standardized solutions in healthcare and gain insights into best practices.
  • Learn from successful implementations: IGEL has established a strong track record of serving satisfied customers in the Nordic region. By attending this event, you can benefit from our experience and learn about the successful implementations we have achieved. Discover how our solutions have made a positive impact on healthcare organizations.
  • Collaborate and exchange insights: This event aims to bring together healthcare professionals and experts from various regions. By fostering collaboration and facilitating the exchange of insights, we can collectively shape the future of standardized solutions in the healthcare sector. Join us in contributing to the advancement of healthcare technology.
  • Valuable reference speech: As an added bonus, we have arranged for a reference speech by one of our existing customers. This speech will provide firsthand insights into their experience of implementing our solution. Discover the tangible benefits they have gained, learn from their journey, and gain confidence in the potential of our solutions.