Global AI Compliance: Insights for Today's C-Suite Leaders

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Unlock the keys to successful AI integration with VIPRE Security Group as we convene a panel of distinguished AI experts actively navigating the challenges facing today's C-suite.

With the recent unveiling of the EU Artificial Intelligence Act, poised to shape global standards, leaders must grasp its implications and align cybersecurity strategies accordingly. Our seasoned panelists, boasting real-world experience, will delve into the pressing concerns, dissect the regulatory landscape, and offer strategic guidance on responsibly leveraging AI while ensuring compliance.

Topics will include:

  • How we can trust AI systems with no visibility into how they make decisions.
  • Why cyber attacks are accelerating due to the use of IA.
  • How AI system vulnerabilities are changing cybersecurity landscapes.
  • When improper use of gen AI systems creates monumental challenges and how to overcome them.
  • How the new EU AI Act will ensure that AI technologies are trustworthy and don't cause harm to people or society.

Join us for an immersive session filled with actionable insights and proactive measures to fortify your organization's position in the ever-evolving AI landscape.

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