Cyber Security Defense Strategy - the VCSP edition

Cyber Security Defense Strategy - the VCSP edition

Being able to retain customer trust has never been more important – or more difficult – following the events of 2020.

With so much disarray and widespread changes to working patterns, such as the mass migration to remote working, the job of keeping businesses secure has never been more challenging. Between more sophisticated cybercriminals and immense pressure to ensure governance on compliance, 2021 is already shaping up to be a minefield. And as such, cybersecurity has risen to the top of most organizations' agendas. Defining a Cyber Security Defense Strategy can assist you in this challenging task, but can you be 100% Secure?

Join this session to learn how to achieve best‑in‑class Cyber Security protection for your customers.

Speakers: Edwin Weijdema (Technologist - Product Strategy) and Pieter Vereecken (Solution Architect – Cloud).