AI vs. AI: How Hackers and CISOs Are Both Leveraging AI

Banner med mørkeblått bånd og Barracuda Networks-logo i toppen, turkist bånd med mønster og hvit skrift med teksten: "AI vs. AI: How Hackers and CISOs Are Both Leveraging AI"

When ChatGPT was released to the public, cyber criminals were quick to see generative AI’s potential to streamline and enhance their activities, dramatically increasing both the volume and effectiveness of their phishing efforts.

Fortunately, security researchers have been equally busy developing new and enhanced capabilities with the help of AI and machine learning. 

Attend this timely, insight-packed webinar and get a detailed account of exactly how AI is transforming both the threat landscape and the array of tools and strategies available to IT security personnel. 

At the webinar, you’ll get an overview of the content of our new Barracuda e-book “Securing tomorrow: A CISO’s guide to the role of AI in cybersecurity.” And you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which Barracuda is leveraging AI to make its email security platform more effective and powerful in detecting, stopping, and responding to attacks. 

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